Least Obvious Signs of Roof Damage 

Indications of roof damage are usually easy to spot and pretty obvious. This includes wet spots and leaks. When you notice these signs, you’ll immediately hire a professional for help. 

However, you should know that there are also less obvious indications of roof damage. Oftentimes, these signs are more subtle. They require the eye of an experienced professional to find.  

Still, if you know what you’re looking for and where to find them, it’s possible for you to spot a couple of these signs.  

Here are some of the least obvious indications of roof damage. If you ignore these signs, you might have to prepare for a new Austin roof installation project down the line. 

Nails At the Edge of the House 

One odd indication that your roof is suffering from damage is whenever you see nails along the edge of your home. So, how can this indicate roof damage?  

Well, keep in mind that professional roofers use nails to attach particular materials to the roofing system. When these nails come out, they end up getting displaced. Since your roof is slanted, these nails are probably going to roll off your roof and end up either along the sides of your house or in the gutters.  

Buckling Shingles 

It can be very easy to spot missing shingles on a roof. On the other hand, buckling shingles can be more challenging to identify.  

Though they’re usually easier to spot compared to other forms of damage on this list, you might only notice them if you’re on top of your roof.  

Because of this, indications of roof damage like this often go ignored. You’ve got to ensure you check your roof at least once a year to prevent this problem. If possible, hire a professional roofing contractor to examine your roof every year.  

Black Spots on the Roof 

Almost every homeowner is probably going to overlook indications of roof damage, such as black spots. Though it might appear like a common problem, black spots can be a hazardous issue that needs professional roof repair immediately.  

Ignoring or neglecting block spots on the roof opens it up to problems that only worsen over time. This includes bigger leaks and expanding mold.  

Whistling Sounds in the House 

Do you hear whistling sounds in your house? Do you notice a mysterious airflow around your home? If so, there’s a possibility that these are indications of roof damage.  

Small, but persistent, roof damage can produce an airflow that is difficult to pinpoint without examining your house thoroughly.  

This is particularly true if your house is completely sealed and yet still has an odd air flow noise.  

Animals Running Around the Roof 

Animals on your roof might appear the most obtuse when it comes to indications pointing to roof damage. However, it’s an actual issue that requires attention as soon as possible.  

Oftentimes, wild animals find broken areas on your roof. They usually use these areas as their hiding spot. If you hear wild animals rustling around on your roof, you might have roofing damage you need to fix.