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Founded around our PitchWitch™ Fire starter kits, BackCountry, Inc. is dedicated to providing hunters with quality equipment necessary for hunting the back country safely and comfortably. Our PitchWitch fire starters were designed by and for the serious hunter.

A hunter needs a fire starter that works under all weather conditions. It must be absolutely water-proof, light weight, and easy to carry in a pack or pants pocket. It must light easily and burn long enough to dry out damp wood. Just lighting a PitchWitch™ and watching the molten pitch flow down and ignite the underlying twigs gives you peace of mind when you are in need of warmth and light in the backcountry.

I’ve been making PitchWitches for over twenty years now. They have been used from Utah to Alaska, and most of the backcountry in-between. They are the ultimate fire starter and are the heart of our Hunting Kits. Combined with the new high altitude Windmill lighter these kits will be the most important item in your pack. With BackCountry products and your good judgement you can go hunt the backcountry with piece of mind.

Always Go Prepared & Happy Hunting

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Ed Trim
President & CEO

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How to Use a PitchWitch

Step 1: Make a bed of twigs a couple of inches high, place a PitchWitch™ on top and light it. Step 2: Once the PitchWitch™ is burning well cover it with more twigs. Step 3: Once the twigs are burning nicely, add larger sticks and wood and your all set.

Fire starting tips:

1. Try to gather dry wood. The best place to find dry wood is under the low-hanging limbs of an evergreen tree or any other place that is sheltered from the rain.

2. Always gather enough twigs, sticks before you start your fire. There is nothing worse than getting a fire started, running out of material, and returning from your second wood-gathering trip to find your efforts doused!

3. Some areas prohibit campfires all year around. Know the fire regulations in the area you are hunting and respect them. Only in a dire emergency should you build a fire in a restricted area.

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