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Rockie's Elk Calls
Took 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place at the International Rocky Mountain Elk 2002 Calling Contest.

Rockie's Elk CallsRockie’s calls feature a unique ‘Palate Plate’ which is raised a certain angle to give you more control of the latex. ‘Palate Plate’ calls fits further forward in your mouth behind your upper teeth. This keeps you from gagging and gives more control of the latex. Use tongue pressure for note changes, for higher notes increase tongue pressure and air flow. The latex is stopped by the ‘Palate Plate’ so you can’t go any higher than the right note.

If you have had trouble mastering the tongue control necessary with diaphragm calls or have gagging problems with diaphragm call, Rockie’s Pop-on reed grunt tube is just the ticket. The reed fits on the end of the grunt tube and you can control it using your lips or tongue. The Cow/Calf call shown above is also an external call and is extremely easy to master. If you are new to Elk bugling and Cow calling, be sure to consider Rockie’s "Full of Bull" video. This video is not your typical hunting video with scenes of awesome Bulls and kill scenes. It is a simulated hunt in which Rocky and David Burdette show you how to make the different Elk sounds and explain what they mean and when to use them. This video is an excellent reference for new and experienced Elk hunters alike.

EC-Brown - Raging Bull Diaphragm - Our most popular call. Single light latex gives you the versatility of making Cow/Calf & Bull sounds with one call. Designed to give the sounds of young to medium aged Elk. $5.99


EC-GREEN - Tormentor Diaphragm - This call has a single heavy latex that enables the caller to make deeper, heavier Elk sounds and blows harder for more volume. A good locator call. $5.99


EC-BLUE Imperial Mini Master Diaphragm - Single Lite Latex... sm.-med. bull, cow/calf sounds. Made with narrow frame and tape for youth, women & men with narrow palate areas. $5.99


EC-GR Grunt Tube with Pop-on Reed - This is an excellent tube for those who can't manage a diaphragm call. The replaceable reed fits in the blowing end of the tube. Sounds can be controlled by lip or by tongue. $17.00


EC-CC Cow/Calf Call - The perfect call for those who do not wish to use a diaphragm call. An excellent companion foe the pop-on reed grunt tube. $12.00


EC-VD "Full of Bull" Instructional Video - Join Rockie and David Burdette as they take you on a simulated Elk hunt, teaching you the skills you need to bugle Elk. Learn how to make the different sounds that Bulls and Cows make, as well as what they mean and when to use them. $20.00


EC-GR Replacement Reeds (2) for Pop-up Grunt Tube $5.00


EC-CR Replacement Reed for Cow/Calf Call $1.50