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Alaska Game Bags

24 x 30

48" Rolled

Alaska as well as hunters around the world face some unique challenges in getting their meat from the field to the freezer. Adverse weather, delays in transport, insects, and marauding predators are some of the more well known factors that contribute to lost or poor quality game meat.

After consulting with big game guides across Alaska and conducting numerous field trail, Rinio has come up with a unique product designed to meet the needs of hunters around the world. The first step in developing a superior game bag was finding the right material. A stronger, lighter, more durable material was necessary. Different sizes were needed to accommodate the large range of animals taken. Strong and lightweight materials were tested; different shape and size bags were evaluated on everything from sheep and blacktail deer to giant bull moose. The result is a line of superior game bags that are super though, light, durable, odor free, breathable, tailored to specific animals and can be washed and reused. 

Alaska Transport Bag 24" X 30" 
Deer, Sheep, Manny Bag Seamless Bottom with integral ties.

Alaska Transport Bags 38" by 48" 
Elk, Moose, Bear Hide, Manny Bag Seamless Bottom with integral ties

4 - pack 48" Rolled Quarter Bags

Transport Bags


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Quarter Bags


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